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Holo by DistantAnimeDreamer
Hello again! This is fairly old. I am actually working on a Holo painting now! Very VERY tiny thing, but it's still nice! 

Disclaimer: Spice and Wolf and its characters don't belong to me. Everything I draw belongs to its respective company.
Drowning in Your Love by DistantAnimeDreamer
Drowning in Your Love
Hello again! Misc Emoji-13 (Heart) [V1] To my fanfiction lovers out there, and CluClu lovers, have any of you heard of Operation Orange by Project Clu-Clu?FanFiction.Net Icon  If you haven't and you like those things, you should read it!:love:  Here is the link:…:Bummies:  The author is actually a friend of mine, and all of her stories are amazing!Happy Bouncer  You should check her out! Here is the link: ( is down at the moment, but I will get that link! That, or look her name up!) Her stories are so powerful and full of life! :aww:  She is going to go places!SO MUCH LUFF  Anyway back to the drawing, this comes from a scene in her story Operation Orange where CC almost drowns. ^^;  I won't say anything else! Go read the story for an awesome experience! :excited: 

Disclaimer: Code Geass and Operation Orange, along with the characters, do not belong to me. Everything I draw belongs to its respective company and sometimes writers.
Master Ciel by DistantAnimeDreamer
Master Ciel
Here's another drawing of CielHibiya Amamiya (Cries) [V2] ....though it looks HORRIBLE.Ciel 2  I guess it's okay.... if you don't look at it that long.:crying: rvmp 


DistantAnimeDreamer's Profile Picture
United States
Hi everyone<3I love anime and manga :heart: i am IN LOVE with Aaml and Lelouch and CC(CluClu) :heart: They're all so cutex3 My friends think I'm a good manga and anime drawer so I decided to start an account. :squee: Some of my pictures are references to pictures from others,so I will defiantly mention those in the pictured to come^_~i have been drawing forever, but I started manga in November of 2011. I started with Pokemon. ^-^ Now it's part of my life. :heart:
Byebye :heart:
Why hello everyone. Emoji39 
How's it goin? 
Sweating a little... I am so sorry I haven't been on DA in the past like 6 months. IM IN HIGHSCHOOL. OMG :XD: That's why I've been gone. So much workDredmix new avatar i am actually starting to draw COMPLETELY with my own skills, but I don't feel like they are good enough to be put on here just yet. I still do reference once in a while.....but my what I'm drawing is the sameAutumn Rainbow Bounce Remake for someone Code Geass and other anime :heart: Yes my OTP is still CC Chibi andLelouch icon Sparkly Geass I even started a doujinshi for them:excited: I'm not selling it or anything, but I do have my idea for my own manga already in my mind and I need the practice :love: anyway, based on the title, HOLO? Yes I have seen Spice and Wolf, and I'm gonna be dead honest here; I LOVED IT. And LawrencexHolo. They ALMOST took Lelouch and CC's spot as my OTP, but they come in by a close second. THEY ARE SO CUTE!  It is currently my 2nd favorite anime. STOP-I know what you are going to say. I HAVE seen SO much better anime, but I don't know. I have never fallen in love with a series so quickly. Even with Code Geass it wasn't till about episode 5-7 when I REALLY got into it. I LOVED THIS FROM THE SECOND I HEARD THE OPENING. Fox Emote And I balled my eyes out for the ENTIRE last episode. Seriously, I couldn't even watch because my eyes were so blurry. I went into it with such low expectations( I even expected to hate it) but now I LOVE IT SO. Anyway enough of Spice and Wolf praising. :crying: rvmp Just know that I will NEVER abandon this account. I thank all of you who haven't left me behind or never doubted me. Being an artist will always be my biggest dream and I will not stop until I achieve it. All in all, thank you and I hope to find time to post more often in the future. I :heart: you all.
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